Rebecca Wright Illustration

About Rebecca

About RebeccaMy illustrations are based on traditional drawing, with strong colours and shapes. I also love the three-dimensional element which has fascinated me since I was young.

There are two sides to my work- vibrant colour pieces, and dark moody ones. There's also an element of the unusual- either a building which is painted brightly or a person who has their own eccentric style.

In the last year I've discovered a love of drawing food and drink. It started with a drawing of a cake, then developed into colourful restaurant dishes. This was a surprise to me, although now I realise drawing food is all about colours and textures. Food photography is inspiring, it's exciting to see a cocktail treated like an abstract painting.

I use a Wacom Cintiq with Photoshop and like to use the more textured brushes, especially a rough pastel or messy ink brayer. It's really exciting to see how they behave, and it helps to keep the drawings lively and fresh.

I also work as a freelance designer in publishing, firstly at Dorling Kindersley, and then Carlton Books. It constantly contributes ideas for new projects and ways of using my illustrations in spreads. I get a buzz from working out how they can transform a page, even giving it a mood of its own.

My first training was a BA(Hons) degree in Fine Art, and has the strongest influence on me. Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec are favourites, and I also like Joan Eardley and Winston Chmielinski whose paintings are rough and expressive. I like printmaking too and make etchings in my spare time. Norman Ackroyd and Dürer are big inspirations, Ackroyd for the moody atmosphere and Dürer for the care and detail of his drawing.
Animation is another influence, I trained on the Bristol Animation Course in 1998. It was hard work and really enjoyable, some of the skills I still use for illustration. Although I don't currently work in the industry it's had a positive effect over the years.

My home is in York. It's a very old and beautiful city with a slightly daft personality. There's always something to do and a never-ending supply of places to draw.